Elevation Roof

By August 17, 2016 Blog

ARC Solutions presents a new transport aid. Elevation roof of own production with approvals for different models of vehicles for Public Service.

The adaptation in the rear of the passenger compartment of the vehicle to transport a person in a wheelchair includes:

•   Elevation of the height inside the passenger compartment.

•   Installation restraints and seat belts for wheelchair and its occupant.

•   Installing laterally folding manual ramp.

Elevation roof is madeby fiberglass coupled to the vehicle structure and integrated on the original headliner to raise the inner height in the rear cabin to 140cm glass.

Additionally lights LED coupled on the perimeter of the drawer and integrated into the rear panel are installed, improving visibility to the user of the wheelchair and his assistant when access to the vehicle and providing greater comfort inside the cabin.

Installing a restraint system consisting of four fixings to the floor for the wheelchair and a seat belt three points can transport a person in her own wheelchair. It keeps both the seating arrangement as the original accessories trunk when not transport a person in a wheelchair.

Installing manually operated ramptwo sections on the back for easy entry and exit of the vehicle with a wheelchair. It allows dejection to the side, thus preserving all the original space for luggage. Additionally a seat belt is attached to the ramp in order to avoid vibration during operation.A més a s’acobla un cinturó de seguretat a la rampa per tal d’evitar vibracions durant la marxa.

Configuration:Depending on the number of seats of origin included: 5/6 + 8/9 or wheelchair


    ó 8/9

Available models: Opel Vivaro L2, Renault Trafic L2, NV300 L2 y Fiat Talento L2, Ford Tourneo Custom L2, Ford Transit Custom L2.


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